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Why Smart Wallet?

Instant Onboarding

Smart Wallet enables users to create an account in seconds with no app or extension required.

This is possible because Smart Wallet uses passkeys for signing. Passkeys are generated and stored securely on users' devices. If the user has iCloud or Google Password Manager, their passkeys will also be backed up and synced across devices 1, 2.

Note this is not passkey authentication to some server where we store a users key: users' on device passkey is what is validated for signing onchain.

Zero Cost

Smart Wallet is free for both developers and users.

Unified Account Across Apps

Smart Wallet users can use the same account and address across all onchain apps.

Magic Spend

Smart Wallet users can connect their account and spend their held ETH from their Smart Account (Base only, for now).

Batch Transactions, Paymasters, and more!

Our Smart Wallet is ERC-4337 compliant and our SDK supports batch transactions and app-defined paymasters.

Coinbase Security

Users will see transaction and signing previews that will help keep them safe. Our smart contracts have been audited 4 times by leading audit teams.