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Smart Wallet Launch-Ready Checklist

The Basics

Test your app with Smart Wallet

Test your app with Smart Wallet enabled. See our guide.

Ensure Smart Wallet compatible Signature Validation

If your app does any offchain signature validation (such as Sign-In With Ethereum) or your smart contracts do any signature validation, ensure your app is ERC-6492 compliant. See our guide.

Magic Spend Compatible

Magic Spend enables users to get "just in time" transaction funding from their Coinbase account. This is currently supported for ETH only on Base. To give users the best experience, apps should make use of the auxiliaryFunds capability and ensure they are not blocking actions based solely on onchain balance checks. See our guide.

Use SDK 4.0.3 or later

Ensure your app is using SDK version 4.0.3. Check Wallet Library Support to ensure readiness.

Bonus: Make the most of Smart Wallet!

Batch Transactions

Improve your app's UX by using batch transactions, allowing, for examples, approvals and swaps to happen in a single transaction. See our guide.

Paymasters (sponsored transactions)

Smart Wallet is one of the first wallets to support app-defined paymasters. This enables sponsoring certain transactions for your users, so they do not have to know or think about gas cost. See our guide.