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Getting Started with Wagmi Template

This guide covers creating a new Wagmi template project that uses Smart Wallet.

Run the following command and proceed through the prompts.

pnpm create wagmi

Install packages and run dev.

pnpm install && pnpm run dev

Update the Wagmi config and coinbaseWallet connector to use baseSepolia

src/wagmi.ts should look something like this:

import { http, createConfig } from 'wagmi';
import { baseSepolia } from 'wagmi/chains';
import { coinbaseWallet } from 'wagmi/connectors';
export const config = createConfig({
  chains: [baseSepolia],
  connectors: [
    coinbaseWallet({ appName: 'Create Wagmi', preference: 'smartWalletOnly' }),
  transports: {
    []: http(),
declare module 'wagmi' {
  interface Register {
    config: typeof config;

Visit your site locally, click the "Coinbase Wallet" button, and choose "Create a Smart Wallet."

Note, if you are using a browser with Coinbase Wallet Extension enabled, that will be the default connection method and you will not see a screen to choose Smart Wallet. Temporarily disable the Extension to connect with Smart Wallet.

Keep building

You can find everything you need here: