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Popup Tips


When a Smart Wallet is connected and Coinbase Wallet SDK receives a request, it opens in a popup window and passes the request to the popup for handling. Keep the following points in mind when working with the Smart Wallet popup.

Default blocking behavior

  • Most modern browsers block all popups by default, unless they are triggered by a click.
  • If a popup is blocked the browser shows a notification to the user, allowing them to manage popup settings.

What to do about it

  • Ensure there is no additional logic between the button click and the request to open the Smart Wallet popup, as browsers might perceive the request as programmatically initiated.
  • If logic is unavoidable, keep it minimal and test thoroughly in all supported browsers.


If the Smart Wallet popup opens and displays an error or infinite spinner, it may be due to the dapp's Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy. Be sure to use a directive that allows the Smart Wallet popup to function.

  • ✅ Allows Smart Wallet popup to function
    • unsafe-none (default)
    • same-origin-allow-popups (recommended)
  • ❌ Breaks Smart Wallet popup
    • same-origin

For more detailed information refer to the MDN docs.

Smart Wallet popup 'linger' behavior

  • Sometimes a dapp may programmatically make a followup request based on the response to a previous request. Normally, browsers block these programmatic requests to open popups.
  • To address this, after the Smart Wallet popup responds to a request, it will linger for 200ms to listen for another incoming request before closing.
    • If a request is received during this 200ms window, it will be received and handled within the same popup window.
    • If a request is received after the 200ms window and the popup has closed, opening the Smart Wallet popup will be blocked by the browser.